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Émilie Savard

I’m an English-to-French translator who helps Marketing and Health companies connect with their Quebec audiences.

I’m a pure laine Quebecker who creates natural-sounding texts in French that are true to your brand image. Thanks to my studies in psychology, I understand what makes your readers tick. Thanks to my in-depth translation training, I put every text through a strict process to ensure your message is credible and makes an impact on your Francophone audience.

I can adapt to different styles and perspectives, so you won’t get a one-size-fits-all translation. I work directly with you to find the best words that represent your brand and goals (in fact, this is the part of my job I love best!).


Work with me and get a French-language expert who provides clear texts that speak to your audience.

  • English-to-French translations

    Whether your text needs that extra creative touch or in-depth technical skill (or both!), you’re in good hands. Connect with your Quebec audiences and win their trust by providing content that truly speaks to them.

  • Transcreation

    Sometimes a message in one language just doesn’t translate into another. Maximize your advertising impact by letting me “transcreate” or adapt your messaging to Quebec culture.

  • Revision (bilingual and monolingual)

    Who wants to spend hours combing through a text for grammar gaffes, language bloopers, or French faux pas? I do! While you work on what you do best, I’ll boost your credibility with your audience by making sure your content is impeccable.



The tone of your content reflects your brand and helps you stand out. I therefore make sure that each translation matches the flavour and style of your unique “you.”


  •  Blog posts
  •  Brochures
  •  Public communications
  •  Contests
  •  Internal documents
  •  Newsletters
  •  Social media posts
  •  Websites
  •  Slogans
  •  Surveys


  •  Food
  •  Arts and culture
  •  Décor
  •  Education
  •  Environment
  •  Fashion and beauty
  •  Home products
  •  Health
  •  Professional services
  •  Tourism

 Health sciences

My focus is to help you improve patient health, raise your profile with the public, and boost your credibility with professionals.

  •  Internal communications
  •  Public communications
  •  Training documents
  •  Consent forms
  •  Promotional materials
  •  Donation letters
  •  Surveys

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